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June 20th is National PDA Day

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/PRNewswire/ — New research conducted by Dr. Kory Floyd, professor of Human Communications at Arizona State University, reveals that summer is the season in which Americans express the most love and affection for one another. On Wednesday, June 20 – the first day of summer – couples across the country will be encouraged to get out in the open and show their affection for one another. 

It’s a fact that fast- paced, 21st century living has affected our relationships: we text more than we hug. We video chat more than we hold hands. We touch our phones more than we touch each other. In fact, Americans currently suffer from “skin hunger” – a desire for more touch and human connection than they currently receive.

All relationships, especially romantic ones, greatly benefit from regular displays of affection. “Touch is truly a powerful force; it is the first of our senses to develop and it is the only one that our bodies cannot survive without,” says Dr. Kory Floyd, Professor of Human Connection at Arizona State University. ”Touch is such a powerful force that it can soothe stress, bring solace, help nurture, instill trust, spread good will and generally do a world of good for those who touch and are touched in return.”

Summer is the perfect time to go on a romantic outing with a loved one – and of course to display PDA. In fact, Americans are more likely to display PDA during the summer because more skin is showing. In addition, Americans go on more dates during the summer than any other season. More Americans also marry during the summer than any other time of the year.

Join the movement to make a more affectionate society. Celebrate National PDA Day and the start of summer with a loved one. Share a kiss, hug and hold hands out in the open to set the tone for a summer of romance with your loved one. On June 20th, Tweet with the hashtag #PDADay and capture Instagram images of you and a loved one. Stay tuned for more details regarding exciting activities that will be taking place across the country in celebration of National PDA Day.

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