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In Chilly Start to 2nd Term, Mayor Looks Beyond New York

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“The true owners of this beloved place are not the big landlords and developers, not the titans of Wall Street and the 1 percent,” he said. “The deepest, truest stakeholders of this town are the people who do the work, who every day make this city come to life but have too often not reaped the rewards.”

In a speech that lasted 13 minutes and included several references to the cold, Mr. de Blasio reached for inspirational eloquence. He cited Abraham Lincoln’s metaphor of a house divided, using it as a symbol of both income inequality and of the country’s political factionalism.

“In this heyday of hatred, this new dawn of divisiveness, we in our city refuse to be dragged down to a place we know is beneath us,” he said.

He did not name President Trump — no speaker did during the 69-minute ceremony — but he made clear reference to the president’s policies, pledging to keep New York “a beacon to our nation and the world.”


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In the audience was David Pecoraro, who said he had attended Mr. de Blasio’s previous inauguration and described himself as “a big, big, big, big, big Bill de Blasio fan.”

“There haven’t been very many politicians in my life where I felt like I was voting for someone rather than for a party or against someone,” said Mr. Pecoraro, 57, a retired schoolteacher. He praised Mr. de Blasio’s expansion of prekindergarten classes and a two-year rent freeze on rent-stabilized apartments. “When did that ever happen?” he said.

Mr. Pecoraro said that his wife, Clara, had stayed home because of the cold. “She’s the sane one,” he said. “I’m not. But part of being a fan is being a fanatic.”

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