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Gift advice gives men a boost

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Bras N Things retail assistant Milana Cryer shows Danny Ungermann that finding the perfect item is all about putting yourselves in the recipient’s shoes – or bra!

WILL she feel confident and sexy or uneasy and maybe even offended when she unwraps her present this Christmas?

Lingerie can make a romantic Christmas gift if chosen correctly, but male buyers often buy items their partners are less than delighted to receive.

This universal problem was the subject of a recent United Kingdom survey, with early results showing half of the 24 million pairs of underwear given in the UK would never be worn.

The results of the survey by a laundry company showed the most common offences were purchases that were too racy, too small or, unforgivably, too big.

But Ipswich men can buck the global trend with a few tips from Bras N Things (BNT) lingerie buyer Natalie and the Ipswich BNT team.

Natalie said finding the perfect item was all about thoughtfulness and not being afraid to ask for help.

“The best way to choose lingerie is to ask for help from the store team,” she said.

“They are trained professionals so you don’t need to be embarrassed when asking for their advice.”

She said the most awkward mistake of buying the wrong size item could be avoided with a bit of preparation.

“It’s difficult to judge a woman’s cup size, (so) try and sneak a peek in her lingerie drawer before you head out.”

In terms of lingerie styles, Natalie said it was all about knowing what your partner liked.

“It is nice to imagine her wearing the ultra sexy suit you want to purchase, but remember this is a present for her, and would she feel comfortable wearing this?” Natalie said. “Try and buy something that will suit her style, perhaps in her favourite colour.”

Natalie suggested buying an on-trend item if men were still unsure.

“Some great trends for this season are bright pastel colours and soft delicate laces,” she said.

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