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Christmas gifts for her 2011: Men ditch predictable red lingerie for purple

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Last updated at 11:00 AM on 19th December 2011

After five decades of red lacy lingerie flying off the shelves at Christmas there has been a shift in buying habits with the colour purple reigning at the tills.

High Street giant Debenhams is reporting that sales of purple bras and pants are up 54 per cent as men sway away from the predictable red slinky numbers.

The revelation came as millions of men
braved shopping centres across the country on the last full shopping
weekend before Christmas.

purple lingerie

red lingerie

Debenhams reports sales of purple bras and pants are up 54 per cent as men sway away from the predictable red slinky numbers

Yesterday psychologists said that they believed the sudden colour shift might be a reflection of rapidly changing economic and social values.

‘After being the automatic No 1 choice for the past five decades, red pants and bras have finally been replaced,’ said Debenhams spokesman Michelle Dowdall.

‘Me are relying on purple underwear to work its magic this year.’

Purple is said to be the colour of choice for people who put security, mediation and a sense of self worth before risk-taking and reckless moves.

‘It is clear that the financial crisis is having a major impact in the bedroom as well as the Euro zone.

‘Reckless red my have been a thrilling experience for many years but those times have been replaced with passionate but purposeful purple.’

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These lingerie companies will get it right some day and market some sexy french lingerie for men to feel good in just like they do for girls. Oooh La La that would be so nice! XXX

Red is my favorite and when the wife wears hers, we look amazing !

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