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Melton couple’s 60-year romance

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KEITH and Sylvia Hamilton know how sweet it is to be married 60 years.

The Melton couple first met at Kane’s Cake Shop in South Melbourne in 1950.

Aged 15, Mrs Hamilton wanted to learn the art of cake decorating at the bakery where Mr Hamilton worked.

Instead she found a husband.

The couple wed at the South Melbourne Methodist Church on June 14, 1952.

Sixty years later and the couple hasn’t lost any of their passion for each other.

“And there’s not many days that he doesn’t tell me he loves me,” Mrs Hamilton said.

Do you think Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor can revive the ‘Kabhi …

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8.00 PM IST 06.26.2012
Tags:Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, bollywood best onscreen couples, Juhi Chawla, kabhi kabhie, Katrina Kaif, Neetu Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, rishi kapoor and neetu kapoor reprise their roles from Kabhi Kabhie in yash chopra’s new film, Shahrukh Khan, Yash Chopra

The onscreen hit jodi of the 80s – who is a real-life couple too – will reprise their characters from the classic hit in a new love story

The carefree and crazily in love Vicky Khanna and Pinky Kapoor of Yash Chopra’s classic romance Kabhi Kabhie will make a comeback in the director’s new film starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor, who played the characters in KK, will portray the same roles in Chopra’s new, untitled love drama.

However, unlike in the original film, Vicky and Pinky will play a happily married and still madly in love older couple in the new flick.

While many reel-life couples like Amitabh Bachchan-Rekha, Aamir Khan-Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan-Kajol have made us go mushy with their onscreen romance, we think the jodi who beats them at the love game is Rishi-Neetu.

Apart from the couple’s acting finesse, their personal life chemistry (read ability to deal with the highs and lows of married life and stay committed) slips into their onscreen image, thus making them an endearing pair to watch on the big screen.

We definitely can’t wait to see Vicky and Pinky make us feel soft and sentimental with their romance. But what about you – do you think the Kabhi Kabhie couple will shine brighter than SRK-Kat in Chopra’s film?

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