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Masque Sexual Flavors Helps Couples Strengthen Their Relationships During …

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TAMPA, Fla, Aug. 2, 2012 PRNewswire/ — August marks National Romance Month and a popular intimacy enhancement product, Masque Sexual Flavors (, is offering suggestions for couples on how to increase intimacy in their relationship this month.


“Romance doesn’t have to be lost in a long-term relationship,” says Michael Guilfoyle, president of Masque. “Though it takes commitment, studies prove that you can keep romance alive no matter how long you’ve been with your partner.” 

Romantic love, as defined by the American Psychological Association, has three components — intensity, engagement and sexual interest. Guilfoyle offers a tip for each component to bring the romance back to your relationship:

  • Intensity: To revive the intense, lustful feelings that you and your partner shared when you first met, try revisiting the romantic places from your past that are special to you. Have lunch where you spent your first date, stop by where you had your first kiss or plan a vacation to the location where you honeymooned. Reliving the romantic moments from your past will yield similar feelings and bring you closer.
  • Engagement: Engage with your partner by doing new things together instead of defaulting to your standard dinner and a movie date. Studies suggest that making date night original, or essentially sharing new experiences with your partner, can activate the brain’s reward system, flooding it with dopamine and norepinephrine and recreating the feelings of early courtship.  Whether it’s spontaneous, like taking a spur of the moment weekend road trip, or more tame, like going to a concert or hiking a trail you haven’t been down, trying something new with your partner is exhilarating.
  • Sexual interest: Don’t put sex on the back burner because you’re in a committed relationship. If sex has gotten routine, try new things in the bedroom. Try introducing intimacy enhancement products or involve your partner in coming up with things you’ve never tried together. Talking about sex and being adventurous can reignite interest and passion with your partner.

“Long-term relationships have many components.  While companionship is part of this, it’s also possible to maintain the intensity and passion,” says Guilfoyle.  ”You can use National Romance Month as an opportunity to evaluate your relationship, increase intimacy with your partner and find new ways to bring the romance back to your relationship.”

As seen in the pages of Redbook, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan, Masque Sexual Flavors is the first oral sex strip that dissolves on the tongue, blocking the salts, proteins and bitter tastes sometimes associated with oral sex on a man and helping improve the overall experience for both partners. Designed with couples in mind, Masque aims to increase intimacy between partners and encourage sexual exploration during the holidays and throughout the year. 

Masque is available in watermelon, mango, strawberry and chocolate flavors. The oral sex strips can be purchased on the company’s website, or on for $9.95 per pack. Each pack contains three individually-wrapped gel strips.

About Masque
Based in Tampa, Fla., Masque Sexual Flavors is the first oral sex product of its kind, developed to neutralize the tastes associated with oral sex on a man.  Several years of research went into testing and manufacturing the oral sex strips. Masque operates its business with one goal in mind:  to make quality products to enhance personal intimacy and bring couples closer together.  For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter: @YourMasque

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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart "Cooling Off" Their Romance?

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Jennifer Lopez, Casper SmartJames Devaney/WireImage

Is Casper getting voted off Jenny’s block?

A source tells E! News that Jennifer Lopez is “taking some time to think about things” with beau Casper Smart after pictures surfaced that purport to show the backup dancer ducking into a peep show doorway just a day before J.Lo’s 43rd birthday in NYC. 

Smart says he was lost and entered the wrong doorway, while his lawyers strongly refuted what they claim were defamatory statements made by tabloids—against which they threatened legal action.

Jennifer Lopez Blasts Claims Boyfriend Visited “Exotic Massage Parlor”

Whatever the case may be, a source close to Lopez tells E! News: ”She is taking some time to think about things. They are still together. But the photos have shaken her up.”

According to the source, Lopez “has never been great at picking men, and this feels all too familiar to her.”

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lopez! Superstar Mom Turns 43

“They have not split yet, but it’s fair to say they are cooling off a bit. The pictures have created a distance between them. Even if Casper is telling the truth, and he didn’t mean to walk into the doorway, it just proves how young and immature he is. He should have been more careful, he knows he is often being followed by paparazzi.”

So what’s in store for the couple despite what we can only anticipate being an uncomfortable conversation?

“Jennifer cares about Casper, they are certainly very close,” says the source. “But he is not the love of her life. She can live without him. If she does decide to split from him she’ll be ok. She just needs some time to think about whether Casper is worth all this trouble.”

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