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Rihanna Engages in a Turbulent Romance in the ‘We Found Love’ Video

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Rihanna Now

Rihanna has premiered her new video for ‘We Found Love,’ and the video reflects the emotional weight of the song’s lyrics as RiRi takes us through the ups and downs of a passionate relationship. The clip kicks off with Rihanna speaking in an Irish accent — the video was filmed on the Emerald Isle — as she says, “You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. And when it’s over and it’s gone, you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back so you could have the good.”

Throughout the rest of the ‘We Found Love’ video, quick glimpses are given of Rihanna’s relationship with blue-eyed stud Dudley O’Shaughnessy. The duo appears to be madly in love at times, but there are times when you can also see their relationship falling apart. The video is like a montage of their best and worst times, as they can be seen laughing, kissing and screaming in each other’s faces. The passion is clearly there — O’Shaughnessy even tattoos ‘Mine’ on Rihanna’s booty! — but there are other shots of the two looking like they are ready to kill each other.

Some highlights from the video include Rihanna’s amazing, edgy outfit choices, with a lot of her wardrobe pieces including some form of acid-washed denim. The scenes that really stick with you, however, are when Rihanna and her beau are at their worst. They can be seen crying and bathing in a tub in all of their clothes, smoking tons of cigarettes, and looking like they’ve had way too much fun partying as they’re surrounded by booze and other types of drugs.

In one part of the clip, they even get in a fight in a car, which is slightly reminiscent of Rihanna’s infamous, violent fight with ex-BF Chris Brown. The video ends with Rihanna curled up in a ball on her floor after she leaves the apartment she and her BF were residing in. It’s a tragic end to their “hopeless” relationship, leaving us heartbroken for the couple and their self-destructive romance. This has been one of Rihanna’s best videos yet, with a solid, realistic plot that almost everyone can relate to.

Watch the Rihanna ‘We Found Love’ Video

Chelsy says no to Harry kiss and tell

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Richard Kay

Last updated at 8:30 AM on 11th November 2011

For seven years, their relationship was marked by passion and tantrums, but it ended without the wedding many had longed for. 

Indeed, almost to the day his brother was exchanging his marriage vows, Prince Harry was reconciling himself to life without his firecracker girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

But while the romance may have gone out of their relationship, the loyalty hasn’t. Chelsy, I can reveal, has turned down a big-money offer to write a kiss-and-tell book about her royal love match.

Loyal: Chelsy Davy has turned a big money offer to write a book about her time with Harry, something that has left the Prince 'very relieved'

Loyal: Chelsy Davy has turned a big money offer to write a book about her time with Harry, something that has left the Prince ‘very relieved’

And Harry, I understand, is ‘very relieved’.

The story begins in the aftermath of their breakup, which followed Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton in April. It was then, as she surveyed the extraordinary spectacle at Westminster Abbey, that Zimbabwe-born Chelsy decided their romance was doomed.

According to friends, she realised that the life Kate was embarking on as Duchess of Cambridge was not for her. 

Not that kind of girl: While Chelsy's story would be sensational, she has told friend she will 'never ever' speak about her time with the Prince

Not that kind of girl: While Chelsy’s story would be sensational, she has told friend she will ‘never ever’ speak about her time with the Prince

And, remarkably, when she confided in Harry, the Prince accepted her argument and agreed she should call time on their relationship.

While Chelsy was initially taken aback — she expected him to talk her out of it, says a friend — she was quietly pleased. Now I learn that in the months since the split, the blonde, who has recently begun work as a trainee solicitor with City law firm Allen Overy, has been offered a ‘phenomenal’ sum to spill the beans. 

But she has told friends that she will ‘never, ever’ speak about her romance with Harry.

Not only has she no need of the money — her father is a multi-millionaire — but Chelsy still feels an overwhelming loyalty to her former boyfriend, despite the fact that both have been linked romantically with other partners.

Chelsy was Harry’s first love and given unprecedented access to his life in the heart of the Royal Family.

‘Her story would be sensational, but she has vowed never to sell it. She just isn’t that kind of girl,’ said a well-placed source.

Since their split, Chelsy has been linked with Harry’s pal, property developer Taylor McWilliams,  and Jamie Richards, the son of Aston Martin boss David Richards, while Harry briefly romanced underwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce. 

‘William’s wedding put everything in perspective for Chelsy,’ I am told. ‘She realised what life in the royal world would entail for her and she wasn’t keen.’ 

Her parents, meanwhile, are understood to be relieved that their daughter has called it a day with Harry.

Lingerie designer’s risque proposition

Millionairess lingerie designer Michelle
Mone was less than happy at being mistaken for quite another kind of
working girl after she arrived for a business meeting at one of
Britain’s most exclusive hotels. While at the Dorchester in Park
Lane, she was approached by a man in the bar.

‘I was sitting with my
laptop, minding my own business when I was propositioned,’ says former
model Michelle, who this week launched her latest brand called Bra
Queen. ‘It was embarrassing. I wasn’t wearing anything provocative.’  

married mother-of-three  Michelle, who once employed Helena Christensen
to model for her company, Ultimo, had been waiting to meet her new
signing, TV’s The Only Way Is Essex discovery, Amy Childs. Michelle
chose Amy to be the ‘face’ of Bra Queen in a lucrative deal with Tesco,
and said of the incident: ‘We both had a good laugh about the man at the

Birthday girl: Christian with wife Emily

Birthday girl: Christian with wife Emily

Sweet suite for Candy girl

In a lavishly romantic gesture, multi-millionaire property developer Christian Candy whisked his wife Emily and 30 of her close friends to Paris on an all-expenses-paid trip for her 30th birthday.

Christian, who with his brother Nick owns a prestigious portfolio including luxury London flats One Hyde Park, delighted in surprising his wife and her pals who included singer Bryan Ferry, his PR girlfriend Amanda Sheppard and party girl Astrid Harbord.

Emily — who first met Christian on a blind date — and the party travelled first class on Eurostar before being booked into the £800-a-night Mandarin Oriental hotel for the entire weekend.

The celebrations included being whisked around the French capital in a fleet of vintage 2CVs with a private tour of the Louvre and a trip up the Eiffel Tower.

An astonished partygoer exclaimed: ‘Absolutely everything was paid for, every drink, every dinner and breakfast.’

Tarrants caught by phone-hacking scandal

The growing list of phone-hacking victims includes Chris Tarrant and his former wife, Ingrid, who at the start of their  much-publicised marital troubles, had a knock on their door from two Scotland Yard  detectives, I learn. Ingrid, who received a multi-million pound settlement from Tarrant, tells me that, at the time, neither of them thought much about the Old  Bill’s visit to their marital home  in Surrey.

‘They didn’t call it phone hacking or mention the News Of The World,’ says Ingrid. ‘They just said our names had appeared on a file they had of various people’s phone numbers.’ Adds Ingrid, who had mistakenly blamed a friend for leaking personal information about her: ‘It’s only now I realise we must have been hacked.’

aris bound: Anouska

Paris bound: Anouska

Anouska to join Left Bank

Less than a year after breaking up with her  long-term love, Anouska Beckwith is off to pastures new in Paris.

Anouska, 21, daughter of socialite Tamara Beckwith, was heartbroken after splitting up with boyfriend Xan Morgan, vice-president of waste water treatment company Bluewater Bio, who is based in Saudi Arabia.

But Anouska will not be alone in the French capital, as her friend Tom Guinness, the son of Lord Moyne, also lives there.

Says a friend: ‘She is going to do a photography course in Paris for a year, but Anouska has been telling friends that this is it, she sees it as a permanent move.’

A former face of lingerie brand Pussy Glamore, Anouska threw a leaving party at her flat in Chelsea the other day.

‘It was a bad break-up, so this is a fresh start for her,’ adds a chum. ‘She lived in LA with her mother for years, so this is something different. She loves that Parisian bohemian style.’

British Olympian helps the Swiss

Former Olympic hurdler Colin Jackson has
been signed up to advise Switzerland’s 2012 hopefuls. But Cardiff-born
Jackson, tells me: ‘I feel like I am betraying our country, because I’m
giving advice to a rival team. They had better not beat any of our lot,
or I’ll be in big trouble.’

PS Having given up his solitary playboy lifestyle and allowed glamorous engineer Susan Nilsson, 20 years his junior, to move in with him, TV interrogator Andrew Neil has decided to start a family. Alas, it is not with the lovely Susan.

The This Week presenter wants to find a mate for his golden retriever Jimbo, aged four, and breed puppies from him. ‘My other dog, Sandy, is a very old labrador and so blind she can’t see him,’ says Neil, who is yet to propose to Swedish-born Susan with whom he has been sharing a duvet for more than a year.

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Apart from the fact that she is classy and and has a good career ahead of her, Chelsy Davy is no fool, and no doubt realizes that she would become a social pariah if she ever consented to a kiss-and-tell book.

Good for her -someone with some class. Seems all that kind live across the sea. Here in US the name of the game is getting 15 minutes, greed and fame.

I’ve left a few comments…havent seen goes again. WHY on earth would chesly dig dirt on a royal? its foolish, stupid. etc. it would be a huge backlash…yet by teh public knowing she’s an angel who kept her mouth shut, she’s quite fantastic………its all stupid, but selling aint it.

She comes from wealth and seems poised to make a good deal of money on her own. Why should she lower herself to dishing on Harry and Company? It seems they remain firm friends and maintaining a friendship with Harry over the coming years will undoubtedly pay off far better, in social ways, than some tawdry tell-all that is here one day and gone the next while leaving her looking bad for years. She is not a stupid girl. And good for her realizing that she could not cope with life in a gilded cage and both of them recognizing that it was time to call it quits if that was the case.

Anyone with TRUE CLASS would not put out a book about private matters.

Because she is a true lady.

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