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Sex Tips For Guys- How To Take Off Lingerie From Her

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Undressing woman is an art and men should master it well. The most important part is to understand how to take off lingerie. You should have intimate foreplay with your wife before trying to take off her lingerie. You should understand what type of lingerie she is wearing before trying to take it off.

How to Take Off Camisole Lingerie

You should hug her close to your body. You should roll her camisole slowly and kiss her exposed area. You should roll camisole till you reach her neck area. You should start kissing her breast and start sucking it. You should unroll camisole .

You should start once again and this time you should kiss her under arm and suck her neck area. You should slowly bite her lower lips and kiss her on cheek. You should lift her camisole through her arm and hug her.

How to Take Off Panty Lingerie

You should make her stand with her back to your face. You should kiss her butts through her panty. You should stroke her thighs and you should go down to her toes. Try giving her foot massage by sucking her fingers. You should move your tongue towards her inner thighs and start swirling in circles.

You should lift her to bed and start kissing her all over body. Make her lie on her back and start kissing her vagina through panty. You should wet her vagina using your tongue and you should slide your finger through her panty side.

Caress her pubic mound. You should use your mouth to grab one side of panty and use your hand slightly to lift her in bed. You should grab her buttocks area and slowly bring her panty elastic down.

At the same time using your mouth on front side of panty, you should bring it down. Expose her vagina and kiss that area sexually. You should take off her panty through her legs slowly.

How to Take Off  Bra Lingerie

You should suck her belly region and you should caress her hair. You should place a small piece of chocolate inside her breast and you should start searching for chocolate using your mouth.

You should suck bra and find chocolate. Then you should make chocolate melt using your tongue and then you should unhook her bra clasp. Take off her bra and have the excitement by chewing chocolate with her breast as topping.

How to Take off Her Lingerie

You should present her with a silky night-dress and should encourage her to come wearing that dress. You should kiss her and you should remove her bra and panty as mentioned in steps above. You should turn off lights one by one in your bedroom as you remove her bra and panty.

Now only her night-gown remains and you should remove your top and bottom dress. Your lingerie should have a glow sticker that has her name. She would giggle and you should use that opportunity to unbutton her night-dresscompletely and should have the sex.