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Fist ever Lingerie Design Week at SHANGHAI MODE LINGERIE

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As a global innovator for the Lingerie industry, EUROVET is constantly creating new concepts to bring new excitement to the world of intimate apparel. .. And so, 2012 sees the debut of LINGERIE DESIGN WEEK, 10 days of special events in Shanghai to celebrate lingerie fashion!

Alongside the SHANGHAI MODE LINGERIE and INTERFILIERE SHANGHAI trade shows, a number of lingerie-related events and happenings will take place around the city, in some of its most fashionable venues…

The Lingerie Francaise Exhibition: Opening with a launch party on October 18th, this artistic exhibit will historical overview of the innovations in Lingerie the many shifts that society since the late 19th fascinating panorama of through October 29th.

This international exhibit, which Espace Cardin), then wiil and, after Shanghai, onto of Lingerie a la Francaise, with an finest French craftsmanship and throughout the years, all reflecting women’s roles have undergone in century … An eye-opening and French Savoir-Faire, running will be the third stop for this major will be unveiled in Paris in July (at move to London in September, Dubai toward the end of 2012.


On October 19th, at the international final in Shanghai, 31 design students from 31 countries will present their lingerie showpiece under this year’s design theme “Dragons Butterflies” to convince an internationally renowned jury. Upon Triumph invitation only.

THE GALA NIGHT, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER: on the evening of October 21st, SHANGHAI MODE LINGERIE will host a cutting¬edge, Avant-Garde event, by invitation only, for a select group of 450 VIP’s…

  • An Ultra-Luxe, multi-brand runway show: A visual showcase of trends from international lingerie and swimwear brands on theme of ‘Bewitched’.
  • NEW! an exclusive “Shanghai Avant-Garde” exhibit will be on display in the same trendy, beautiful location as the VIP fashion show, and will bring together young artistic talents and established creative luminaries showing works of art inspired by the magical world of Lingerie.
  • The stylish ambiance of this evening could only be complete with a proper cocktail after-party in a relaxed and cool atmosphere, for top-level networking and fun socializing!

The SHANGHAI LINGERIE RETAIL TOUR: For the first time, SHANGHAI MODE LINGERIE will be organizing a Lingerie Retail Study Tour, on October 24th.  This one-day program will offer an overview of the main lingerie shops and retail outlets in Shanghai…


SHANGHAI MODE LINGERIE, the vector for brand image and creative elan, innovates

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